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From silk to ships

All kinds of things going on around here. But those will have to wait a bit: today is for weblink catch-up.

Silk science is hot. Recent news releases include transgenic silkworms that spin spider silk, and using silk as a framework for growing new heart cells.

Chris Petty is doing a PhD dissertation on warp-weighted looms, and would like your input.

Katrin Kania did her PhD dissertation on the construction of medieval clothing. The volume was published in German, and she’d like to publish an English translation, but first she needs to demonstrate interest so a publisher will be interested. I urge you to go sign up to her mailing list. Katrin is a reenactor as well as scholar, and she’s made and worn the outfits she studies. You want this:

The German version has 529 pages and more than 400 illustrations, some of them in colour. It features information about sewing techniques, textile techniques, how to critically look at sources for garment research, the development of medieval clothing, a reconstructed technique for tailoring historical garments and – last but of course not least – a catalogue of still extant medieval garments and garment fragments from 500 to 1500.

According to Isis Sturtewagen, back issues of Textielhistorische Bijdragen are now available online. She has very conveniently indexed all the late medieval and early modern articles here. Very handy.

If you happen to be local:

The Centre County Knitters Guild is please to announce I HEART KNITTING, a gathering of all fiber enthusiasts. February 4th 2012, 10:00 until 5:00 at the Boalsburg Fire Hall on Pine St. Boalsburg, PA. Free admission; food bank donations requested.

Making a Viking ship:

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