May, 2023: Hi folks! I am aware that this site is terribly broken, and that the menu is not appearing correctly. All the links work, all the information is here, it's just hideously ugly... The site itself hasn't had a major update in over ten years, and some of the graphics date to the mid 1990s, when my only capability was to draw them by hand and scan them. I am planning a major overhaul, but it's slow going. Please be patient, and enjoy what _is_ here!

I have been teaching fiber arts in person since 1992, and online since about 1996. I have to admit, Stringpage is showing its age. I'm working on a complete overhaul, but it's slow going. Until then, please enjoy this antique.

My specialty is historical textile techniques, especially those like braiding and tablet weaving that can produce very complicated structures with minimal equipment. I'm also interested in popularizing obscure techniques like sprang and naalbinding. There's history and technique information for some of these things available through the links on the left. The site blog, String Notes, is now the place for tips, tricks, book reviews, and other assorted less-formal or shorter writings.

I help to run a SCA fiber arts symposium, FFF. After three years of virtual textiles, we will be returning to an in-person event, at a new site and new weekend. Please join us!

All previous class lists are online, if you'd like to see the kinds of things we have covered.

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