Welcome to Stringpage!

I have been teaching fiber arts in person since 1992, and online since about 1996.

My specialty is historical textile techniques, especially those like braiding and tablet weaving that can produce very complicated structures with minimal equipment. I’m also interested in popularizing obscure techniques like sprang and naalbinding. There’s history and technique information for some of these things available through the links on the left. The site blog, String Notes, is the place for tips, tricks, book reviews, and other assorted less-formal or shorter writings.

textile display

I am chancellor (class coordinator) for a long-running SCA fiber arts symposium held in central Pennsylvania in November. All the years of class lists are online.

The March 2024 site update is intended to preserve the original content and links while fixing the navigation, make everything work on mobile, and generally make things look nicer. Phase II will be updating the graphics and images, and Phase III adding new information and updating older articles to reflect my current thinking.