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Yarnbombing and manuscripts

I have an enormous backlog of links and neat things, but wanted to get a couple of them out quickly. The knitting group I’ve been a member of for some years has been engaged in a charity yarn-bombing project, and this has been noticed. Fun! I’m taking a free online course thru Stanford University called […]

Wonderful things

Such things! “The Eddic Poem of the Vikinges Who Do Go Berserk” Oon Vikinge, al aloon Carveth a bynde-rune on a bone. Two Vikinges heed the calle And steer their longshippes to hys halle. “God-night, Rune“: An Old English Translation Cassandra Rasmussen Goodnight, Rune. Goodnight, Stone. Goodnight to the sleeping king, laid alone. Goodnight goblets, […]

Still alive

If just barely for a bit. But home, recovering, starting to think about fiber arts again. Prompted by this, in part, courtesy of a group of fabulous friends. What to do with two skeins of qiviut? (And science qiviut too, from the Large Animal Research Station!). Something wonderful, a lace scarf almost certainly, just as […]

Archaeological Textiles

Laura Thode and I are proposing a new study group on archaeological textiles for Complex Weavers. And when I say “Laura and I,” I mean that she has done all of the work. The announcement appears in the current CW newsletter. The medieval textiles study group has been defunct for many years now, and we’d […]

Link round-up

So many nifty things on the internet this week: Sixteenth-century rocket cats. Why does this seem like a really awful idea? An article I hadn’t seen on the golden spider silk, with a lovely photo of the embroidery (previous links here and here). Hunting wild honey in Nepal. Neither fiber-arts related nor medieval, but stunning […]

Research resources

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has made its back publications catalog freely available online. Now the J. Paul Getty Museum has done the same thing. So many nifty things to read about!


Things have been accumulating; let me foist them off on you. Nick thinks I need this to protect me from rampaging nightime kittens. I think it would just make things worse by adding an extra toy to the mix. Trouble-causing cats are not a new problem. My Little Queen Elizabeth I. This is nifty. Modern […]

Happy Halloween!

String. And Halloween. Hm. How about a needle lace jack-o-lantern? Or maybe some medieval ghoulies? Wodewoses, even! Perhaps you need this wonderful early 16th c. German rosary? In much more recent history, that hysteria about Martians invading? It just isn’t so.

Today’s Miscellany

I have a new tablet weaving gallery on Flickr. This medieval manuscript repaired with needle lace made me think of Laura, but I expect more of you are interested. I’ve added a Workshop and Classes listing to the tabs above. Nick sent me this lovely manuscript illumination. The boxer continues goofy. The kittens continue ferocious.

Not enough stuff

I don’t think I have enough things to actually make up a post, but I don’t want them to get lost, so here you are. A whole new perspective on Penn State squirrels Medieval medical science (yes with pictures; you’ve been warned) Commander Chris Hadfield on Zen Pencils. What are you going to do today?