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Odds and ends

I’ve been saving things to post, some for rather a long time, and I’d like to get them cleaned up and out of my way. Pennsic Fiber Arts Pavilion: For those of you in the SCA, Fiadnata is organizing a pavilion at Flaming Gryphon’s camp in Block W-07 for all of Pennsic. It will be […]

Moving right along

The Archaeological Textiles group has the rudiments of a website now. If you are interested, please head over there to get information on how to sign up for the email list. While some parts of the study group will be restricted to Complex Weavers members, the email list is open to all. Our first plans […]

Link round-up

So many nifty things on the internet this week: Sixteenth-century rocket cats. Why does this seem like a really awful idea? An article I hadn’t seen on the golden spider silk, with a lovely photo of the embroidery (previous links here and here). Hunting wild honey in Nepal. Neither fiber-arts related nor medieval, but stunning […]


Oldest string found: 90,000 year old Neanderthal string. Dinovember. This is just delightful. The eggs! And the crayons… Bookbinding. I was going to email this to Laura, but I thought that some of you all might like to see it as well. While the entire set is amazing (I got the link from an archivist […]


Things have been accumulating; let me foist them off on you. Nick thinks I need this to protect me from rampaging nightime kittens. I think it would just make things worse by adding an extra toy to the mix. Trouble-causing cats are not a new problem. My Little Queen Elizabeth I. This is nifty. Modern […]


Linda Hendrickson has generously shared a video tour of her studio. She’s enormously more productive and better organized than I am; I may be a little bit jealous.

Closing tabs

The things, they have been building up: First ever (really?) prehistoric fashion show. I so hope photos end up online. Sixteen-bedroom Tuscan castle for sale. We could all chip in… What does a Renaissance man wear? from Midori Snyder. Writing fiction is a wonderful excuse to research anything. Mastercrafts: Learning to weave as reality television, […]


Working on New Year’s Eve? All by yourself in the office? Here are some things that might keep you from getting too bored. The UK has put images of all publicly-owned paintings online, all 212,000 of them. Here’s the search. How Grendel Stole Christmas. Evidence for Viking-era hemp in Norway. A spindle typology, with pictures. […]

Textile Research

Time and again I go searching for textile history information and end up on Thora’s annotated bibliographies. Or, if you’re not in the SCA, Carolyn Priest-Dorman’s annotated bibliographies. Thank you, Thora! You’ve pointed me toward any number of resources I never would have found on my own. And now, I’m off to the library to […]

From silk to ships

All kinds of things going on around here. But those will have to wait a bit: today is for weblink catch-up. Silk science is hot. Recent news releases include transgenic silkworms that spin spider silk, and using silk as a framework for growing new heart cells. Chris Petty is doing a PhD dissertation on warp-weighted […]