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Ohhh…. Halloween Poppets! You know, my birthday is nowhere near Halloween, but it could have been…

Probably everyone’s seen this by now. The Skjoldehamn outfit was from a bog body dating to 1050CE or so, found in Norway the 1936. The body was poorly preserved, but the clothes were in fabulous shape. A museum group has been working on a reconstruction (more, more, more). The body was badly decomposed, and it was unsure for a long time whether it was male or female. It was found with a knife, and wearing pants, but is now believed to be female. Rebecca Lucas has an English summary and description of the hood.

Norse clothing

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This is a very practical outfit, but unlike most of what we think of as Viking women’s clothing.

And one last link, an Anglo-Saxon Dye and Textile History Bibliography. Yay research! (Actually, a whole collection of bibliographies from the Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey.

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