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Doing what we do

This essay by Sara Lamb resonated with me: I told her I love textiles, I wish more people did, and wish more people understood what makes a good textile, what makes good technique, and in support of that, I am willing to share what I know. I know a very small portion of the textile […]

Into the mail

Last week’s dyebath: dry and wound onto bobbins. The silk now goes off into the world, some here and some there, to be made into who-knows-what. (If you know, I’d love to see pictures.)

Piles of silk

I’ve been saving up tidbits for you, but didn’t get to them this weekend because I did this instead. That’s 5,400 yards of silk in ten colors. [No wait! I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that’s really 6,400 dyed yards, or 64 skeins.] At the beginning of the weekend it […]

Final product

And here’s the sock yarn after completely drying and reskeining. Looks different, doesn’t it? Today begins my fourth year of blogging. I’ve published 394 posts since 5 May 2007. No idea how many words and photos that is, though I’m sure there’s a way to find out. Amazing, isn’t it?

Pretty colors

Believe it or not, the title doesn’t refer to tulips. Shocking, I know. This is supposed to be a string blog, more or less, and once in a while I get the urge to actually write about string. Honestly, I get the urge a lot, but the followthrough has been somewhat lacking – I have […]

Tulip update

My mom called me to ask about the tulips. I said I’d post more photos, and that was a week ago… So I took some more yesterday. The early tulips are long gone, and the mid-season flowers are winding down. The late season tulips are just starting. We’ve had a string of cold days, so […]

Start here

It is both Monday and February, and I’m not entirely certain how I feel about either of those things. Neither is Morgan (still the number one Ferocious Monster [Yes, I mention that periodically. Sorry if you are bored, but I find it a fascinating example of the quirkiness of search engine results.]). But here, have […]

It’s baaaack!

This morning when I left for work it was 25F colder than yesterday morning, and instead of torrential downpours it looked like this. (The title of this post should be said in horror-movie tones, not rock-star tones, if you were wondering.) January has returned, and just in time for February. This time of year always […]

Three things, with photos

I somehow managed to schedule an undoable amount of work for this week, and have now had some additional meetings added, so I may be scarce around the internet this week. Fun things I did this weekend: Dyed a series of wool skeins to match the same colorwheel I did with the Lanaset dyes on […]


All of the paperwork side of the textile symposium is taken care of – class scheduling, program book, the various signs and forms and sheets that need to be prepared. Now there’s just the cooking for 100 for the weekend part… the dishes that have been in storage have been washed, the bread ordered, the […]