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Research resources

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned here before that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has made its back publications catalog freely available online. Now the J. Paul Getty Museum has done the same thing. So many nifty things to read about!

Textile Research

Time and again I go searching for textile history information and end up on Thora’s annotated bibliographies. Or, if you’re not in the SCA, Carolyn Priest-Dorman’s annotated bibliographies. Thank you, Thora! You’ve pointed me toward any number of resources I never would have found on my own. And now, I’m off to the library to […]

Don’t be alarmed

If this site, in its entirety, is down tomorrow. SOPA and PIPA are utterly appalling pieces of potential US legislation, and would likely destroy the internet as a community. Not that I expect my tiny participation in tomorrow’s blackout campaign to have any effect, but I want to add my support. The internet has been […]

Link roundup

Some things people have sent me recently: From Laura, this link to a report on textiles from Burgos Cathedral, Spain. From Cori, a link to a creative use for embroidery: animation. If you browse the archives, there are some lovely skeleton animals too. From Beth Matney on the MEDTC-DISCUSS e-list: Inlaid Patchwork in Europe from […]

Cooking, Photography, Art

I have little green tomatos! And strawberries! And the black raspberries are starting to shade into pink. I’m also in the midst of a five-week string of houseguests, and a couple of very large deadlines. And Complex Weavers is Real Soon Now. (Yay, but yikes!) I keep finding fun things to share with you all, […]

Catch-up day

We decided not to go to Buffalo this weekend and I’m glad. I’ll miss seeing people, but there was nothing I had to be there for, and I have a lot to do at home. For one thing, I finished last weekend’s todo list, except that I still haven’t been to the grocery store. Still […]

It really looks more like this

I’ve run out of brightly-dyed skeins to photograph, so I’m forced to show photos of what February really looks like in central Pennsylvania. February is a dreary gray month here, but the sky was not pitch black when I left work today so there’s hope. I have some creative and colorful links for your enjoyment. […]


I survived the week (hooray!) and got everything done (hooray!!!), and am enjoying a three-day weekend (hooray!!!!!). Tomorrow I’m off to Vermont for the week. I’ve been collecting online museum databases, the good ones with lots of objects online, with photographs and descriptions. The first few are listed here, (and linked from the header if […]


Remember my bowl of wild grapes, harvested from the rose corner? The juice spent some time in the freezer, but finally became a very small dish of not-quite-gelled-enough grape jelly. It maybe more like heavy syrup than jelly, but it tastes awfully good. Still, I pruned all the vines out of the rosebushes. It was […]

Fiddling around

My extra-special-bonus-day has turned into an afternoon of playing with string, but mostly of fiddling around on the computer, learning some new things, and organizing whole piles of odds and ends. I’ve been saving links, and if I post them I don’t need to save them any more. As you might expect, the sciencey stuff […]