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Friday photos

In the spirit of the Friday photo post, here are a few images from the past week or so. First, the obligatory Pennsic shots…

Pennsic war

Pennsic war

… followed by the post-Pennsic cleanup, or obstruction thereof. (Yes, that’s the ferocious monster himself, still at number one!)

Morgan helping

Far from having time to recover and unpack, I dove right back into work, teaching a plant identification class at a lovely farm day in Lancaster County.

Dairy cows

Not much beats a day spent teaching something I enjoy and am good at to a bunch of interested people, followed by dinner of fresh, local food, and topped off by gelato made from the milk of those very cows.

1 Comment on “Friday photos”

  1. #1 Nathalie (spacedlaw)
    on Aug 14th, 2009 at 11:42 am

    I love the pots picture (and the kitty).