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Hyperlocal holiday: VKR Day

On this day in 2013, the velocikittenraptors came home. World, meet Norathar and Cawti. Tiny, TINY velocikittenraptors! Cawti aspires to be a stuffed animal, and she is always ready for her close-up. Norathar is hard to photograph, because she is always in motion, and usually on top of anything she can climb. They are both […]

Happy Velocikittenraptor Day!

Two years ago today we brought home a pair of curious creatures. They were so very tiny!

And now we are two

My babies are two today! It seems like just yesterday they were tiny and cute. Now they’re large and gorgeous.


I had fully intended to take good pictures of the new resident of my household, but Cawti nosebumping and marking the iron chicken was far too cute to ignore no matter HOW bad the lighting was. No, I am not entirely certain why the chicken was in the bedroom. Honest. Miss Chicken needs a name. […]


My girls are a year old today, I believe. According to a random internet site, that makes them 18 in people years; they grow up so fast! That’s the day we got them, a bit over eight weeks old. They’ve grown a bit! We got them assorted toys to celebrate: quiet, non-absorbent toys. They have […]


Spring has been mighty slow in arriving, even if we’ve missed the last couple of big snowstorms. Even the sunny days have been cold, and my snowdrops have stubbornly kept their buds closed. Until today: sunny, warm, glorious. Even the snowdrops agreed. I spent the afternoon raking up the neglected autumn leaves, mostly so that […]


I woke up this morning terribly excited to be able to walk the poor neglected boxer. Then I looked at the weather: 0F. Back into bed I went. An hour later, when I asked Trygvi whether he wanted to go outside and pee on things, he just looked at me from the comfort of the […]

Further Tales from the Rumpus Room

Trygvi poses with his five-day-old indestructible kevlar dog bed. Ain’t he cute? I’ve been doing the early part of the holiday baking: fruitcake, so it can steep in brandy as long as possible. (Yes, I should have done this in November. Much like blogging, it didn’t happen.) The second batch had a loaf and three […]


Things have been accumulating; let me foist them off on you. Nick thinks I need this to protect me from rampaging nightime kittens. I think it would just make things worse by adding an extra toy to the mix. Trouble-causing cats are not a new problem. My Little Queen Elizabeth I. This is nifty. Modern […]


I’m furloughed, locked out of my office since October 1, forbidden to even check my email under pain of fines and jail time. The kittens have been ecstatic. The wonderful Tania sent them a present: a catnip mat. This was met with great approval. Most of the photos are blurry for some reason, possibly the […]