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Today I mean yesterday

Writing the text and uploading the photos is not so useful without also posting them, it seems. Today was filled with an all-day meeting, but the roomful of visiting and local scientists did manage to get outside for a while, to check out the local watershed from top… … to bottom. This is a nasty […]

It’s green out there

I spent the week in southern Pennsylvania training field staff from all over the US in plant identification. We had plenty of eager onlookers. After two consecutive weeks of travel, I’m happy to be home again until mid-May. This last photo was an accident, but I kind of like it.

Friday photos

No, I’m nowhere near the computer. Right about now I should be buying twenty pounds of chicken, thirty-five pounds of beef, and forty loaves of bread. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve something to enjoy while I’m busy. These are two of Tamie’s office plants. Mine is getting ready, but the buds aren’t open […]

Fall Friday Photos

November? You don’t say? These months, they seem to be sneaking up on me. Even the vegetation is confused, after that snow. My poor forsythia is changing colors, dropping its leaves, and blooming all at once. My trees are all winter-bare, but a last few are holding onto their leaves. Not for long, though. I’m […]

Friday photos

In the spirit of the Friday photo post, here are a few images from the past week or so. First, the obligatory Pennsic shots… … followed by the post-Pennsic cleanup, or obstruction thereof. (Yes, that’s the ferocious monster himself, still at number one!) Far from having time to recover and unpack, I dove right back […]

Friday photos

I’ve been taking lots of photos, spring flowers especially. Those photos have been sitting idle on my camera’s memory card, twiddling their thumbs, just waiting for their turn. Impatiently. Even this one, the most graceful and loveliest poison ivy plant I’ve ever seen. (Not mine; it was spotted in a local park.) And healthy too: […]


I walk to work most days, unless the weather is really extreme. Earlier this week it took longer to get there than usual, as I had to, well, make way. Penn State has several resident mallard pairs. Momma had her brand new babies out for a stroll. One mallard mom wasn’t so lucky in her […]

Burning things

As a brief return to Friday photos, and continuing a conversation from elsewhere, let me present: Big Huge Enormous Fires!!! Before anyone gets worried, these are from a controlled burn done for research purposes in spring 2005. We filled out enormous piles of paperwork, had all necessary permissions, and had assorted firefighters and equipment there. […]


A tale of my evening: hot cross buns and a new toy. Haven’t tried the buns yet, but they look good and smell better. I failed completely at the “cross” bit of the project, but the “hot” part did work. As for the new computer, shiny! I adore my netbook, but I can already tell […]

Spring in Pennsylvania

… looks something like this. That’s the sidewalk under there, just after dawn sometime last week. We’d had a hard rain on frozen ground, with nowhere for all the water to go. I’m slowly digging myself out of this pile, and hope to be back to blogging regularly in a week or two. See you […]