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Still alive

If just barely for a bit. But home, recovering, starting to think about fiber arts again.

Prompted by this, in part, courtesy of a group of fabulous friends.


What to do with two skeins of qiviut? (And science qiviut too, from the Large Animal Research Station!). Something wonderful, a lace scarf almost certainly, just as soon as I figure out what. My urge to make something incredibly complicated is at war with my realization that I’m not really up to complicated yet. Meanwhile I’ll just pet it. A lot.

I also have some lovely Habu weaving yarn from another friend, but I’m too lazy to go get it so I can take its picture. (What? You think I was joking about petting the qiviut?) And I need to do a bit of weaving before my FFF class

But one thing at a time, and right now I’m trying to close some tabs.

Vikings in Ireland, a series of videos produced by the National Museum of Ireland.

Christina Petty has prepared a thesis on warp-weighted looms for the University of Manchester: “Warp Weighted Looms: Then and Now Anglo-Saxon and Viking Archaeological Evidence and Modern Practitioners.”

How to Be a Hedgehog“, according to manuscripts in the British Library. You MUST watch the video.

Trygvi is taking his role as Supervisor of Recuperation and Snuggling very seriously.


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