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Warm woolies

I’ve belonged to the knitting group at Schlow Public Library since its formation five or six years ago. We’ve always done a little bit of knit/crochet to give away – afgans, mostly, and some of our members do other things. This winter I proposed yarn-bombing Downtown Eugene Brown, the statue outside the library and the […]

Wonderful things

Such things! “The Eddic Poem of the Vikinges Who Do Go Berserk” Oon Vikinge, al aloon Carveth a bynde-rune on a bone. Two Vikinges heed the calle And steer their longshippes to hys halle. “God-night, Rune“: An Old English Translation Cassandra Rasmussen Goodnight, Rune. Goodnight, Stone. Goodnight to the sleeping king, laid alone. Goodnight goblets, […]

Still alive

If just barely for a bit. But home, recovering, starting to think about fiber arts again. Prompted by this, in part, courtesy of a group of fabulous friends. What to do with two skeins of qiviut? (And science qiviut too, from the Large Animal Research Station!). Something wonderful, a lace scarf almost certainly, just as […]


I had fully intended to take good pictures of the new resident of my household, but Cawti nosebumping and marking the iron chicken was far too cute to ignore no matter HOW bad the lighting was. No, I am not entirely certain why the chicken was in the bedroom. Honest. Miss Chicken needs a name. […]

Friday fun

The folk band Sassafrass is doing a Norse mythology album called Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok and you want to take a look, and a listen to at least “The Futhark Song.” No really. They’ve also put together pretty good Viking clothing for the associated materials (their list of references has some very familiar names). (Grabbed […]

Water everywhere

Some recent water adventures were bad. But now I’m prepared for the rest! Because I am an incompetent blogger, I wrote the above post on July 4 and never actually posted it. Since then I have demonstrated that the smaller kayak fits in my Forester just fine, so I can go out by myself any […]

Today’s Miscellany

I have a new tablet weaving gallery on Flickr. This medieval manuscript repaired with needle lace made me think of Laura, but I expect more of you are interested. I’ve added a Workshop and Classes listing to the tabs above. Nick sent me this lovely manuscript illumination. The boxer continues goofy. The kittens continue ferocious.

Friday flowers

Today is wet and dreary. I don’t know about you, but I could use a pick-me-up. I feel better already! I’d wanted squill in my lawn for several years, but hadn’t gotten around to planting them. Last fall I finally did. They’re only a couple inches high. The tiny blue buds appear first, on leaves […]

My favorites

Loch Ness monster revealed in medieval manuscript! Mjolnir found! A plea for Lancastrian punctuation. Did you spot anything particularly fun?

Oh so many things

We prepared thoroughly for Sandy, as it was predicted to run right over us with associated winds and heavy rain. The possibility of extended power outages, so we readied water, food, flashlights, solar chargers, all the goodies. But unlike points east, the storm was fairly trivial. The power only flickered, and while Penn State closed […]