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Sorting things

I’m sorting through the last batch of class submissions for FFF (a draft schedule will be available tonight), cleaning up my email, trying to get a few things organized. I have some tabs open and some emails I saved to tell you about.

this is also not my cat (sorry, can’t embed).

There’s an online textile database of finds mentioned in Cloth and Clothing in Anglo-Saxon England (Penelope Walton Rogers), a fabulous book made even better with this resource.

Make has photos of a third-century Roman multitool.

If you are anywhere near Aurora, MO, the owners of this loom asked me to mention that it’s for sale. There’s also a spinning wheel and a rigid heddle loom they need to get rid of. (I don’t know the sellers and haven’t seen the equipment; this was a random email request.)

Viking history to brighten your day.

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