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Complex Weavers

The latest Complex Weavers Journal was in my mail yesterday, complete with the program and registration for the 2010 seminar, with my name in it! This is very exciting – I’ve been teaching for a long time, but this is my first time as instructor at a national conference. You should all come! The seminar is being held in Albuquerque, NM, July 18-21. It will be fabulous! The complete program and registration information are here. Weaving in infinite permutations, ply-split, tablet weaving,shibori dyeing, design… it’s gonna be great!

E-2 Tablet Weaving Tour
Sarah Goslee

Tablet weaving is known from places as far apart as Finland and Sumatra, and from Bronze Age Europe to the present. In each time and place, this versatile technique has been integrated into the local culture. The most common structures – warp-twining, double-face, and 3/1 broken twill –have been used in many times and places, but other types of tablet weaving are known from only one locale. This Seminar will trace tablet-woven structures through time and space, and show examples of the diversity of patterns that have been woven. The primary focus will be on four-holed square tablets, but examples woven with two-hole, triangular, hexagonal, and even octagonal tablets will be presented. There will also be a brief excursion into bands that could have been woven with tablets, but weren’t.

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