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Fixing the past

One of the things about having had a website since 1996 (I wasn’t an early adopter; I waited a year or so to see if this whole web thing was going to stick around) is that technology changes. Mobile devices, actual navigation, all kinds of nifty things since last time I updated it. But also, changes in tech broke the previous navigation, and badly. Even the parts that were hand-coded in pure HTML were kind of rough.

But it all works now! is a 2024-compliant website! And I didn’t even break any links that have existed since 1998 (moved to the domain in 1998 after a couple of years on a university server).

This took a fair bit of work, but I am very excited to have Phase I completed. Some of the tutorials are so old they predate convenient computer graphics, so they have hand-drawn and scanned diagrams. Fixing those is Phase II. Phase III will be adding new material and getting rid of (or archiving) the parts that I no longer teach in the same way.

Both of those are less important than getting the functionality back, though, and as a bonus the new system (using jekyll) makes it much easier to maintain and update.

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