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Textile archaeology

I really want to go to this year’s Textilforum in Germany in November: the topics this time are right in my area. But I can’t. You could still go, though: the call for papers has been extended to August 7.

Whether you can head off to Germany or not, I have something else for you: Laura Thode and I are back at work getting the Complex Weavers archaeological textiles study group off the ground. We had a successful kickoff meeting at the CW meeting in Reno earlier this month, with nine people in attendance, and we have draft bylaws submitted for approval.

Full participation is limited to Complex Weavers members (but it’s worth it for the journal, let alone the study groups), but currently the email list is open to all. We anticipate having our newsletters and member contributions available to the public, much like the former medieval textiles study group. Please join us.

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