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Museums and books

A petition to save a textile museum (and here’s a great deal more info from Katrin):

The Textile Museum of Lyon is threatened with closure, which undoubtedly constitutes a major asset catastrophe. The indifference of the city of Lyon and that of the Ministry of Culture and Communication make possible a scenario that remains for many inconceivable. The Textile Museum of Lyon is one of the most prestigious and important (if not most) institution in the world dedicated to textiles in terms of quality as quantity. It represents the textile heritage of France and is an inexhaustible source for research as well as a place of inspiration for the current textile design. There must be opened for the good of the city, the region and the influence of France.

Can you relay this petition:à-la-fermeture-du-musée-des-tissus-de-lyon. Thanks for your help and your support.

Audrey Mathieu

There are a couple days left to download Woven into the Earth. I downloaded my copy promptly, but forgot to mention it here.

Also from Katrin, some other free archaeological goodies from Estonia.

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