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Guns and ships

Spies! Shipwrecks! Crown jewels! And a yellow silk dress… From the inestimable Sara Lamb: “A master craftsman is not one who makes no mistakes, a master is one who can repair mistakes so no one else knows they happened.”

Museums and books

A petition to save a textile museum (and here’s a great deal more info from Katrin): The Textile Museum of Lyon is threatened with closure, which undoubtedly constitutes a major asset catastrophe. The indifference of the city of Lyon and that of the Ministry of Culture and Communication make possible a scenario that remains for […]

Odds and ends

I’ve been saving things to post, some for rather a long time, and I’d like to get them cleaned up and out of my way. Pennsic Fiber Arts Pavilion: For those of you in the SCA, Fiadnata is organizing a pavilion at Flaming Gryphon’s camp in Block W-07 for all of Pennsic. It will be […]

Archaeological Textiles

Laura Thode and I are proposing a new study group on archaeological textiles for Complex Weavers. And when I say “Laura and I,” I mean that she has done all of the work. The announcement appears in the current CW newsletter. The medieval textiles study group has been defunct for many years now, and we’d […]

Weekend reads

Need something to read? The online archive of the Textile Society of America Proceedings goes back to 1988, and includes all sorts of fascinating information on textile technology, culture, trade, symbolism, and much more.  How about an odd intersection of entomology and history? Fly larvae in the sarcophagus of Isabella of Aragon tell us something […]

Nasca art

The Paracas Textile is online! This is one of my favorite textiles ever, and is both beautiful and enormously complex. The needle-looped borders… oh my! Not bad for something that’s closing in on two millenia old. Go look for yourself!


FFF is this weekend – I hope to see some of you there. This is the eleventh one – wow. I’m teaching a new-to-me class, on Japanese loop braiding. There’s no concrete evidence for the marudai braiding stand before the early seventeenth century, but there are all these braids, including the lacing for the plate […]

Two quick links

Before I lose these: A very well preserved wool tunic from approximately 300CE was found in a melting glacier in Norway. Look at the photo gallery here, but ignore the text (“boat-neck sweater”). The find was published in Antiquity. I was going to just send this link on fore-edge painting of books to Laura, but […]


Textile papers: the Textile Society of America newsletters and symposium proceedings are online. There’s a huge range of articles here, on pretty much everything you could think of. I’d looked a long time ago for the Mendelschen Hausbook online and couldn’t find it. But I recently received a link to a collection of the plates, […]

Closing tabs

The things, they have been building up: First ever (really?) prehistoric fashion show. I so hope photos end up online. Sixteen-bedroom Tuscan castle for sale. We could all chip in… What does a Renaissance man wear? from Midori Snyder. Writing fiction is a wonderful excuse to research anything. Mastercrafts: Learning to weave as reality television, […]