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Warm woolies

I’ve belonged to the knitting group at Schlow Public Library since its formation five or six years ago. We’ve always done a little bit of knit/crochet to give away – afgans, mostly, and some of our members do other things.

This winter I proposed yarn-bombing Downtown Eugene Brown, the statue outside the library and the CATA bus office, and the crocheting Sarah quickly chimed in with an even better idea: charity yarn-bombing! We’re knitting cold-weather gear and dressing Eugene with scarves and such bearing tags that say “Cold? Take me! – the Schlow Knitters.” The first scarf went to someone who even thanked the library for it, and I took another batch down today.


A lot of the chitchat about this project has taken place on twitter (where else can you talk to a library and a statue about warm woolies?), so let me share with you today’s conversation.

twitter screenshot

@phiala: Doesn’t @DTEugeneBrown look toasty in his new scarves and mitts? @schlowlibrary

twitter screenshot

@schlowlibrary: BIG THANKS to the #KnittingClub!

@DTEugeneBrown: Thank you, @phiala & @schlowlibrary knitters! You’ve warmed me all the way to my toes. #yarnbomb #RandomActsOfKindness

@phiala: @DTEugeneBrown I hope you and a few other people are toastier. We will try to keep them coming. @schlowlibrary

@DTEugeneBrown: #ManOfBronze will be here waiting! @phiala @schlowlibrary @CATABUS

twitter screenshot

@schlowlibrary: #SchlowKnitters #StrategicKnitwear has all found new homes as of 4pm today. :) #RandomActsOfKindness @phiala @DTEugeneBrown

So much fun! There are more things on the way; I’ll keep a tally (so far 3 scarves and a pair of mitts) and keep you posted.

Edited to add (in the interest of keeping all of this in one place):

Eugene is standing at one of the main bus transfer points, waiting for a bus. This is not only next to Schlow Library, but in front of the main CATA office. Not only have we gotten a nice thank-you email from the CATA PR manager, they also popped up on twitter.

twitter screenshot

@CATABUS: Thank you, @phiala & @schlowlibrary Knitters, for your kindness! You are absolutely wonderful!

1 Comment on “Warm woolies”

  1. #1 Carol Elaine
    on Jan 28th, 2015 at 6:55 pm

    I love this so much. I’ve been reading about this sort of thing all over and I think it’s a terrific idea. I almost wish SoCal was a bit colder so that I could distribute my newly knitted hats to people who need them. I think I’ll stockpile them and give a bunch to a friend who is a homeless advocate. I know she’ll get them to people who need them.

    Also, thanks for being fabulous!