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Moving right along

The Archaeological Textiles group has the rudiments of a website now. If you are interested, please head over there to get information on how to sign up for the email list. While some parts of the study group will be restricted to Complex Weavers members, the email list is open to all.

Our first plans involve making the website prettier, and starting to pull together resource lists. Please be thinking about your favorite books, websites, museums with online collections, etc. I’ll be cannibalizing the lists on this site to give AT a good start, but there are lots of resources I’m not familiar with.

I need to close some tabs, so here’s a link round-up:

Currency collages
. Nothing to do with fiber arts, but I thought they were neat (via Nick).

Farming with 11th-century tools.

Laura sent me a couple links on a Bronze Age find in Dartmoor with preserved textiles, including a basket and a braided bracelet I’d like to see a structure diagram for, or at least a better photo.

Knitted sensors
: an interface linking fiber arts and technology.

1 Comment on “Moving right along”

  1. #1 Carolyn Priest-Dorman
    on Jul 16th, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    It looks to me like diagonal braiding and then the studs are forced into the structure. The Daily Mail photo seems a bit better for seeing the structure.