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The famous exploded knife

If you are prone to having problems with exploding meat, you are likely to develop a close relationship with a knifemaker who can repair the aftereffects.

Let me back up a step. I have never exploded meat. Other things maybe, but we won’t talk about that right now. Regular readers might remember me mentioning a band called The Flash Girls that I’m fond of. Through my hunt for their albums, I encountered the blog of one of the members, the Fabulous Lorraine, who not only lives up to her name, but also writes an entertaining blog. (I’m also exceedingly fond of her boss, but that isn’t why I started reading her blog, though it is why I read his. Not that all author blogs are worth reading, but anyway.)

This is another “Internet is weird” post, can you tell?

Anyway, not too long after Lorraine posted the story of the exploding meat. (She seems a bit prone to this sort of adventure, I’m afraid.) After I quit laughing, I read the tale to Nick, who promptly suggested that he could fix the knife. He does that sort of thing, you know. Lorraine was interested, and eventually this arrived in the mail.

The box

I still think the delay was to ensure that I wasn’t some kind of very odd Internet stalker, but Lorraine assures me that her stalker-radar is very good, and that she was just busy. (Drat! I can’t even successfully pose as a stalker on the Internet, where anyone can claim to be anything!)

Unpacked, the (not really that sharp) knife shows definite signs of having exploded, or at least having cut into an electrical cord.

The knife

The edge

The neatest part: the explosion vaporized the copper electrical wire and redeposited it in the blasted-out bits of the knife.

Edge up close

Nick will be starting repairs shortly.

3 Comments on “The famous exploded knife”

  1. #1 Nathalie (Spacedlaw)
    on Aug 26th, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    Nice pics!
    Maybe the knife isn’t as sharp as it should have been but it still looks mean in a very pointy way.

  2. #2 Jess
    on Aug 27th, 2008 at 8:01 am

    Those notches that the explosion left behind are really something else, actually. Science in action! Yes! \o/

  3. #3 pantagruel
    on Aug 27th, 2008 at 9:46 am

    I love the warning label. That’s awesome. :)