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Say what???

Yesterday… pouring rain and cold. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the forecast for last night and this morning used the s-word*, although it was later changed to the f-word**. Sheesh! It’s nearly May, the flowers are blooming, the trees are leafing out… and the prognosticators invoke the s-word!

I didn’t stay up late enough to investigate, but it was quite cold. Today it’s at least sunny and warmer, though not actually warm.

Nothing like Saturday. The part of the day before the torrential downpours was gorgeous. My neighborhood engaged in synchronized lawnmowing, a favorite suburban weekend activity. I at long last put in a compost pile (of sorts), and cleaned up last year’s tomato vines (and the two are directly related, of course). Saturday morning was the first chance this year to work in the outdoor studio, though I didn’t do any dyeing. Instead, this:


That’s cardstock drying after a light plastic coating, and soon to become this:

weaving cards or tablets

That’s right, after various delays (not all of which were my fault, honest!), I have weaving cards in many shapes, sizes and colors!

weaving cards or tablets

The square cards/tablets are 7cm, 5cm (2 inches) or 3 cm. The hexagonal and triangular ones are 5cm/2in -ish.

They are lightly-coated cardstock, enough of a coating to give them some body and sturdiness, but not enough to make them slick and shiny like playing cards. These cards are very thin, and aren’t going to last forever, but they are inexpensive enough that you can have lots. (Prices will be in the 10-15 cent range for the square ones, and a few cents more for the larger and fancier ones.) They are currently available in white, black, red, yellow, blue and green, any of the five shapes. The colored ones are a bit thinner than the black and white ones.

Best of all, I can custom-make you any shape and size you’d like, and can print designs on the cards before coating them. Laurel wreaths, anyone? Or coats of arms or badges? Extra holes? Bigger holes? Octagons? Or septagons, for that matter?

I spent the rest of the weekend skeining. Sock yarn in spring colors – daffodil, tulip, crocus – and more of the basic silk and cottons. I’m slowly learning the shortcuts and building the optimum equipment, but am not yet as efficient as I’d like.

* Snowshowers, that is.
** Flurries. What did you think I meant?

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