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And now we are two

My babies are two today! It seems like just yesterday they were tiny and cute. Now they’re large and gorgeous.

Welcome to town

Hi April! Welcome to town, lovely to see you again. Oh, yeah, March, the door is that way. Don’t let it hit you on the way out. April, my dear friend! I missed you! Look, I got you flowers! Or maybe you got me flowers. It’s so hard to tell. It’s all good, and thanks […]


Spring has been mighty slow in arriving, even if we’ve missed the last couple of big snowstorms. Even the sunny days have been cold, and my snowdrops have stubbornly kept their buds closed. Until today: sunny, warm, glorious. Even the snowdrops agreed. I spent the afternoon raking up the neglected autumn leaves, mostly so that […]

Friday flowers

Today is wet and dreary. I don’t know about you, but I could use a pick-me-up. I feel better already! I’d wanted squill in my lawn for several years, but hadn’t gotten around to planting them. Last fall I finally did. They’re only a couple inches high. The tiny blue buds appear first, on leaves […]

April feels like spring

It snowed here all through March and into the first week of April, interspersed with just enough sun and warmth to demonstrate what we were missing. But finally this weekend spring got its act together, with warm weather and sun, mixed with rainshowers. Yesterday’s 81F and severe thunderstorms were a bit disconcerting: we seem to […]


I’ve been repeating all week that March is fired, and I’m just giving it a couple of days to pack its bags and go. I’ve been repeating this, loudly, every time it starts snowing. But the crocuses are finally blooming! No photos, because it’s raining. Hey, at least it’s not snow. I’ll get some pictures […]

Spring and string

The snowdrops have been blooming for a couple weeks, and I saw the first tips of crocus on Wednesday, fittingly. Now if it would just stop snowing… An article yesterday talks about a well-preserved tunic that has melted out of a glacier in Norway: A pre-Viking woollen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south […]


The World’s Smallest Pea Patch is getting an upgrade this year (and no, I’m not changing its name, even though it no longer is true). But isn’t this sharp: I have one more to install, giving me three 4x4ft raised beds. The first one is nearly full of perennials already. I transplanted in the strawberries, […]

Spring Creek Canyon

My current favorite hiking destination: Spring Creek Canyon. Scenic, close to home, interesting things to look at. And it quite looks like a canyon, too, at least in spots. You’ll be utterly unsurprised to hear that most of my photographic efforts have gone toward pictures of plants and fungi. But this last trip we saw […]


The snowdrops are nearly done blooming. The daffodils have been up for about a week. The crocuses are coming up. I haven’t seen the Siberian iris yet, but I expect it any minute. This caught my eye as I left the house this morning. Then I looked closer, and ran inside to find my DSLR, […]