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Spring puppies

It’s spring outside my office. Even inside my office it isn’t so bad, now that I can have the window open most of the time. There are some advantages to being in a seventy-year-old building – the windows actually open.

It’s a good year for anemones.

purple and white anemones

They’ve spread into the lawn too. I’m very fond of naturalized little flowers, and aspire to some day have a “flowery mede” of my own. Just in the past week everything has taken off – there are tiny leaves on all the trees, the flowering cherries are going, the daffodils are nearly over but the tulips are taking on the challenge… I hardly had time to admire the crocuses!

In among all the other rushing around in the past week, we went down to the farmhouse on Saturday. One of Nick’s sisters was there, and I’d never met her. The seemingly-endless supply of siblings makes me want to make jokes about “collecting the whole set”. I still haven’t met all the brothers, though I’m now completely caught up on the sisters. (Not completely fair, as there are only 2 girls but 6 boys.)

The Morgan-puppy is getting big. She’s going to be a good dog. Obedience classes hadn’t even started yet, but she comes when called and sits on command.

the Morgan-puppy

She likes to sprawl on the porch with her head under the railing and watch the world go by.

the Morgan-puppy

And here, the birthday boy, just a couple days away from turning 85.

the whole family

Everyone came up here for David’s birthday yesterday, but I managed to not get any pictures. The dogs wore each other out, of course. Serves Grendel right – when he was a wee pup (hah!) he was bouncy and full of energy and bothered the big dogs ceaselessly, but now he’s old and lazy, and the puppies fatigue him.

I took half a day off work, and we had a nice dinner of David’s favorites – salmon and mashed potatoes, and brownies and ice cream for dessert. No candles, though.

I finally finished the blue and green socks last week, or nearly. The toe has yet to be grafted, but the knitting is done. No pics until I get to the toes. I even undid the end of one, lengthened the foot slightly, and redid the toe decreases, just to make sure Tamie is happy. I’ve been alternately knitting on the lace scarf and the purple sweater, in what little time I have. I did pull the spinning wheel out into the courtyard, but only got in about ten minutes of spinning. Maybe this weekend….

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