Tablet weaving is often called card weaving in the US, but "tablet weaving" has a wider acceptance.

* Silver brocaded band     * Leather bag with TW edging     * Tablet weaving pictures     * 3/1 twill pictures     * TW photos


* Here is the handout from my beginning tablet weaving class. I also have handouts for weaving 3/1 twill using the two-pack and one-pack methods (different ways of conceptualizing and creating the same structure, based on the idea that an S-threaded tablet turned forwards is equivalent to a Z-threaded tablet turned backwards). Because it is confusing for beginners, I have added more information on how to thread tablets.

* A description of the "10-minute warp", a continuous warping method, is available from from Linda Hendrickson.

* This tablet weaving theory page is a technical look at how exactly tablet weaving works, including S and Z threading and twists, threading the tablets in several colors, and the different structures possible, including twill and four-color floats (Snartemo). A simple Snartemo pattern goes with the theory page.

*These are not nicely formatted yet, but here are my explanation of Snartemo patterns, a Snartemo pattern worked step by step (in MS Excel format), and my version of Hansen's Snartemo pattern from the original Norwegian band (also in Excel format).

* Here are the preliminary results from my study of two-hole tablet weaving.

* I've finally pulled together the results of a year and a half of work on tablet woven structures.


* Peter Collingwood's Techniques of Tablet Weaving has been reprinted.     Errata for the second edition
This is the ultimate tablet weaving book, but may not be a good choice for beginners.

* Nancy Spies has finally found a publisher for her book Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands
More information.

I am in awe of Nancy's brocaded bands (you can see some on the page referenced above, and more in the weaver's hand gallery) and she is a meticulous researcher - this book is fantastic.

* There are several tablet weaving organizations and mailing lists.

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