I've been working on a system of classification for tablet weaving that's both flexible and universal, like the system that Hansen developed for naalbinding. When I started researching two-hole tablet weaving, I got frustrated by the names for structures - while it's convenient to have a name, there's a lot of confusion about which means what, and it's very difficult to explain which one you mean. The following PDF files are my first-round attempt to address this, and have gotten away from me just a bithttp://www.stringpage.com. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this!

Tacked onto the end of the text section there's a table of historic tablet woven bands sorted by structure, time and place. I'm going to pull out this bit and make it into a web page to make it easier to update. It's already out of date - I've found another reference.

*Text (18 pages)

*Figures (24 pages)

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