TTW Errata

The second edition of Techniques of Tablet Weaving, by Peter Collingwood, has a number of typos. Here’s a list of the ones I know about:

  • p 26. Plates 10 and 11 have been switched.
  • p 43. Wrong picture.
  • p 168. End of chapter text is cut off- should say

    “vertical axes), and then the above turning sequence begun, the colored threads will be interchanged between back and front layers. The upper will now be white and the lower black, the pocket between these two layers being closed at the point of interchange.”

  • Index: kivrim should say “p 112”

And, thanks to Jeffry Mueller:

  • p.16, second paragraph from bottom says “See page 136 and Plate 95,” meaning the Plate on p.137, which is mislabeled as “Plate 96” but the plate on the next page, p.138, is mislabeled as “Plate 95,” and is referred to in the second indented paragraph on that page as “Plate 95.” Correction: change the entry on p.16 to read “Plate 96, on page 137.”
  • p.317, index entry for Snartemo. . . has a page number “1436” vs. “136.”
  • On p.43, the Plate 33 caption does not match the photo, which is the same photo that appears as Fig. 1-21 on p.20 of Candace Crockett’s book Card Weaving, where it is described as “an inscribed garter,” a sort of tourist souvenir.