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Fingerloop fibers

This will be put on the sales site in more detail, but since I was just asked a question.

This is a 5-loop fingerloop braid done in the silks and cottons that I carry. (Linens yet to come.)

Fingerloop braids

From left to right: 6-ply rayon, 20/2 silk, 60/2 silk, scale marker, 8/2 unmercerized cotton, 10/2 mercerized cotton, 5/2 mercerized cotton (not listed, but I do have some).

Since the question was specifically about silk, here’s a close-up.

Fingerloop braids

I like the 20/2 for fingerloop – doesn’t slice your fingers off, goes fairly fast, makes a cord large enough to be useful with only 5 loops/10 ends.

1 Comment on “Fingerloop fibers”

  1. #1 Sunny
    on Jun 17th, 2008 at 8:04 am

    I wish you could post photos on how to fingerloop braid. I learned it a long time ago but can’t figure it out from the illustrations! I remember it was a lot of fun and would like to teach it to my young nieces.