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We now return you to your regularly-scheduled October

The poor tree mostly bounced back once the snow melted, although you can see a bunch of broken branches beneath its base. I’ll prune a bit and clean up, I won’t know until next spring just how badly it was injured. The rest of town doesn’t look as bad as I’d expected. Branches down all […]

Hey, look at that!

Anyone who’s been reading here for a while knows that I’ve gotten fairly confident with my ability to dye wool, but have been struggling with silk, due primarily to my very, very hard water. It comes out uneven, bad enough, but it also bleeds, which is horrid. And completely unacceptable. I tried everything I could […]

Things I’ve been saving up

Ohhh…. Halloween Poppets! You know, my birthday is nowhere near Halloween, but it could have been… Probably everyone’s seen this by now. The Skjoldehamn outfit was from a bog body dating to 1050CE or so, found in Norway the 1936. The body was poorly preserved, but the clothes were in fabulous shape. A museum group […]


One of my long–standing to-do items is to do a bunch of dye samples on wool and silk so I have a reference for color mixing, color intensity, and for the behavior of different dyes on the two substrates. Some of the dye mixtures tend to break into their component parts, and more on silk […]


Jenny Dean is doing a series of articles on Anglo-Saxon dyeing, with pretty pictures (Part 1, Part 2). I’ve been doing some modern dyeing, but for a Viking purpose: much more of the insane silk for a larger project. I want to end up with enough for the front of an apron dress. I’m thinking, […]

Photo post

Yes, I do have a new camera. I have a shiny new Sony alpha 300 digital SLR, courtesy of the Circuit City going-out-of-business sale. Their prices are still lousy on most of the things I want (10% off a 20%-too-high price is uninteresting), but the cameras were 30% off, and that beat what I could […]

String and random filler

I have been busily working (Self-generating SQL code! Use 7 lines of code to write 1200 all by itself, and let it run for an hour or so. Oh the excitement! See why I don’t talk about work much here???), and also doing things with string. Things like coloring it and winding from big cones […]

Mitts and artichokes

The extreme cold snap has inspired me to spend a lot of time checking the pipes to make sure they aren’t frozen. Only one tiny problem with the pipes – the not-so-brilliant renovators ran the cold water line to the kitchen right next to the dryer vent outlet. If it gets too cold I need […]


Baking and the associated dishwashing were not my only activities today. There was quite a lot of coffee-drinking and snow-watching as well, seasoned by a large dose of A few more active endeavors: I can easily get to my bookshelf for the first time in the past year. Business stuff in big plastic bins […]

Quick Photo-update

Upon being introduced to fresh figs: T: That’s odd. It doesn’t taste anything like a Fig Newton. B (source of figs): Sorry, I don’t have a Newton-tree in my yard. Maybe you had to be there… And pretty, pretty shiny fiber: And now, back to Thing 1…