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As for gases

Administrative tasks expand to fill the available space. Despite the long weekend, I’ve neither written nor woven. Many other things are done, though, or at least well-begun.

[Oh look… the upgrade mucked up the categories. Hm. Will fix that at some point, I suppose.]

I thought you all might like this article on crocheted clouds.

Though there are many types of cumulus cloud, they are all united by their fractal nature, which prompted Najle to turn to crochet to capture their complex, cauliflower-like topology. Najle says crochet is the perfect medium for representing fractal structures because its surfaces can be subdivided again and again by varying the length of neighbouring crochet lines. This can create the necessary curvature for cumulus clouds, in much the same way that crochet has been used to represent the hyperbolic surfaces of corals.

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