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I got the cursed project at work beaten into submission just in the nick of time, because my mother came for a long weekend.

We ate a lot, drank a fair bit, watched Criminal Minds, and various other relaxing activities that have nothing at all to do with work.

She gave me chrysanthemums.


Gorgeous chrysanthemums, let me add.


Then I roped her into dyeing sock yarn with me.


It dries outside, when it isn’t raining, and then is reskeined.


It looks so different once it’s rewound. Mom dyed the skein and the ball in front. The ball went home with her.

She brought toys for the dog and the cat. Grendel did eventually manage to find the squeaker himself. As for Morgan the Ferocious Monster, he played very hard with his furball-on-a-string, no matter how unimpressed he looks here.


(more photos)

And we did yard work. All that pruning I did last weekend? We did more, much more. All the barberries are gone, and a lot more ivy, and the low-lying tamarisk branches, and the ones that hit the roof (except for the ones that need a ladder). We earned our beer. No photos of that, but I’ll take some.

It was a lovely visit, if too short. Come back soon!

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