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Medieval life

I got this from matociquala quite some time ago, and yet didn’t get it posted.

They got a lot of things right; I only saw one thing that make me cringe.

This article suggests that codpieces were a medical as well as fashion statement. It sounds like a “just so story” to me, but it was an interesting read.

You can’t tell from this picture, really, but I spent Friday evening and most of yesterday cleaning the workroom/studio/office.

clean office

You can see the open floor space. The closets all open and close. Everything that was on the table has been filed or otherwise put away. Ditto the desk. The stuff that was sitting on the loom has been put away, except for the small looms. They’re okay where they are. You can see the pile of air pillows and other shipping stuff in the corner behind the door. Unattractive, but that’s where it lives, and that’s the way the computer camera points.

I feel quite accomplished. Now I need to get caught up on the business stuff, and maybe actually make something.

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