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I have little green tomatos! And strawberries! And the black raspberries are starting to shade into pink.

I’m also in the midst of a five-week string of houseguests, and a couple of very large deadlines. And Complex Weavers is Real Soon Now. (Yay, but yikes!)

I keep finding fun things to share with you all, making notes, and not posting them. Today at least I will get a few out there.

  1. Kyle Cassidy says some astute things about becoming a professional artist. He’s a photographer, but most of what he says is more broadly applicable. Kyle says a lot of insightful things, and takes beatiful photos. His blog is well worth a browse. He’s on the list of people I’d like to meet some day.
  2. A couple of Viking cooking resources popped up today. The Viking Food Guy blog looks more promising than its name would suggest, and the Eldrimner blog also looks interesting.
  3. “Phiala” is both a brand of barstool and a genus of moth. I haven’t found any photos of the latter – any moth experts out there?
    • It’s never been such a year for roses: red, pink, lavender. Even the roses that never bloom are covered in flowers.


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