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Friday Photos

I can’t decide, so you get two, both summer flowers.



I looked longingly at some of the icy ones (though I wasn’t so pleased when I took them), but decided that I would save them for a more seasonally-appropriate time.

Happy news – I finished the project due Tuesday on Thursday, the project due in February today, and I may finish the project due today… today! (Despite the months of overdueness [overdueositude?], this is happy news, honest! Especially if today’s crucial deadline is met.)

The weekend is promising to be sunny, so the solar yarn baker will be getting its second run. I even have some ideas for improvements. (Must buy things in larger boxes…) Maybe I can get closer to producing dyed roving that matches my mental image.

The Gotland wool is all spun, and bobbins 3 and 4 are waiting to be plyed. Okay, you got me, technically it isn’t all spun because there’s some left. But everything I want to spin for this project is done. I won’t spin the last bits, intended for some experimentation, until the weaving is done on the first project, just in case I need a few emergency yards. Ya know?

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