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In which I am lazy

I had a three-day weekend, and it contained spinner’s guild AND knit night. The snowdrops came up (shoots, not flowers), I photographed various things, string and not. There was more knitting.

But I was at a conference for the past two days, and I’m tired. Too tired and lazy, actually, to even download the photos off the camera. So instead, you get links to other things that I’ve picked up here and there:

What to do in the event of a Viking raid

Spinning Spanish moss (via Leigh) – note the video link at the end

Medieval Material Culture
, with a nice selection of textile tools, and other assorted interesting things

Tonight: winding endless cones of yarn and watching Buffy on Hulu, neither of which require much energy, or any brainpower at all. Tomorrow maybe I’ll get some pictures up.

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