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Reading knitters

Here’s another catch-up post… A knitting groups meets every other week at the State College public library. (Every other Monday from 6:30-8:30pm; check the calendar for exact weeks, and do come!) Beginners are welcome, and attendees knit or crochet, or once in a while other fiber arts. While I’m thinking of it, on July 13 instead of a regular knitting gathering, there will be a special presentation to complement the adult summer reading program (some kind of creativity-related theme that I don’t exactly remember). It’s being advertised as “Yarn Artist in Action”. What that really means is that I will be bringing in a bunch of different fiber arts stuff, talking a bit about spinning, dyeing and all the rest, and offering lots of hands-on stuff. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own projects to work on or display. I’d love to see any blog readers who are in the area – not just knitting, but any kind of fiber arts.

Sometime last year, a photographer came in and took a picture of the knitting group for library publicity. I didn’t think much about it, by which I mean that I completely forgot. This winter I was waiting for Nick at the library, sitting in one of the comfy chairs by the stairs. He arrived, and I stood and turned to leave, only to realize that I had been sitting in front of a GIANT poster of myself and the rest of the knitting group.

Knitters bookmark

I didn’t get a picture of the poster itself, but the librarian who organized the knitting group gave us all a couple of bookmarks too. I’m in green, under the D.

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