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Making lists

Things that are fabulous:

  • Lithuanian National Musical Folklore
  • LibraryThing
  • A highly successful FFF
  • That Rosalind and her family were able to hang around all of Sunday afternoon
  • I sold a whole pile of handpainted sock yarn at FFF, which means that I get to buy more yarn
  • Entering all my office books into LibraryThing while completely braindead after running a highly successful FFF
  • That tonight is knitting night at my local public library
  • That even not counting this item, the “fabulous” list is longer

Things that are not fabulous:

  • Having a friend in LA who can see the edge of the mandatory evacuation zone from her house
  • Being completely braindead after FFF (but I’m willing to accept that as the price of success!)
  • That I took not one photo at FFF, so my report (after braindeadness recedes) will be entirely unillustrated
  • That I might even be too tired to go and knit

Thing about which I am ambivalent:

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