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Friday photo

I was saving this one for autumn, then forgot about it. We’re now past this seasonal stage, and well into snow. I hope you enjoy it anyway – this is one of my favorites.

Frosted thistle

As a special bonus, I’ll also continue the “socks at work” series. These are my first socks, nice toasty wool-blend, and are remarkably foot-shaped. My exhilaration at discovering that the heel directions actually made something that, well, looked like a heel, was quite entertaining to friends and acquaintances alike. (And by “entertaining”, I mean mostly, “She’s completely insane! Let’s point and giggle!”)

First socks

What you can’t see is that one is nearly two inches taller than the other. Ooops. But they’re foot-shaped, so I count them as a great success!

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m running out of socks, so the “socks at work” series is nearly over!

P.P.S. Google must have a blog-post-freshness index. First “Ferocious monster” was second on the list, then it was the subsequent post referencing “Ferocious monster”. Now it will probably be this post referencing the post referencing “Ferocious monster”. I wish I’d taken a screenshot of Morgan’s one and only claim to ferocity, though!

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