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Busy, obviously. Work, and other work, and other other work. And I fried the power cord for my netbook. I’m not computerless, but not having the tiny portable thing cuts down on spontaneous blogging. But I’ve been saving things for you. My Little Cthulhu, by artist Spippo. And in the string world, you should definitely […]


Complex Weavers was wonderful as always. I was very excited to be teaching this year for the first time. I didn’t finish my class until the night before (more on that later, but it’s a good thing I was teaching on the last day). I taught a “Tablet Weaving Tour,” a show-and-tell class with lots […]


How old is tablet weaving anyway? The earliest piece I know of is 9-8th c. BCE (Etruscan), and by the 5th c. BCE it was very well-established and complex (Hallstatt). Why is there no tablet weaving in South America, or North America for that matter, even though there are other fabulously complex textiles? How and […]

Sneak peek

Tablet weaving tour: time, space, structure. I’m never going to have everything, but I’ve made a very good start. Don’t you wish you were coming to Albuquerque? PS. If you’re interested, there’s a roundup of recent non-textile publications here.

So how’d I do?

No groceries, no recycling. I did this instead. Doesn’t that look like more fun? Remember when I said I had a new beginner class worked out – that’s it. Really. I planted the world’s smallest pea patch, and it still looks like I buried a corpse in my front yard. No sprouts yet, but it’s […]


I woke up this morning to an entirely unexpected sight. The weather forecast predicted rain, but instead we got the fluffy wet snow that vanishes from the roads but sticks to everything else. It glued itself to the trees, piled up on the branches, decorated everything in sight. What’s been going on around here? I’ve […]

Complex Weavers

The latest Complex Weavers Journal was in my mail yesterday, complete with the program and registration for the 2010 seminar, with my name in it! This is very exciting – I’ve been teaching for a long time, but this is my first time as instructor at a national conference. You should all come! The seminar […]

New goodies online

The snow is gone, and we’re back to a normal, even warm, Pennsylvania autumn. Yesterday I spent reading novels and watching it snow, but today has been nicely productive. My presentation from Textilforum is now available online as a web-based slide show or a black-and-white PDF. No idea why the latter isn’t in color – […]

Lazy Sunday

It’s a lovely lazy Sunday here in central Pennsylvania. The heat has broken – it’s warm and sunny, but no longer so hot and humid that I think I might melt if I do more than lay on the couch. I woke up this morning with a headache, so I went back to bed for […]


Jenny Dean is doing a series of articles on Anglo-Saxon dyeing, with pretty pictures (Part 1, Part 2). I’ve been doing some modern dyeing, but for a Viking purpose: much more of the insane silk for a larger project. I want to end up with enough for the front of an apron dress. I’m thinking, […]