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Round and round and round

Thursday morning I read Michelle’s photo challenge list, put fresh batteries into the little camera (brand new rechargeables, clearly marked precharged). You can guess what happened, right? I didn’t get a single picture out of those uncharged batteries.

I eventually got them charged, and reinserted into the camera, and today was a surprise federal holiday so I went out and took some photos. No, federal holidays are not surprises. Unless a former president dies, then there’s a spare. But I completely forgot about this one, which worked out well because I did all my chores on Saturday and Sunday instead of putting them off for the three-day weekend, and so I had a full day to do stuff like write and take pictures.

Procrastination: this should have gone out last week.


But then I got to take interesting pictures of round and (apparent) triangles.


Round was my best category this time.


Round AND square AND triangle.


I couldn’t get the photo I had in mind for faith (maybe later this week), so my faith shots are both more like hope. First, faith and round.


And then faith in the weather on the part of my lavender, just putting up a flower stem now. It’s already snowed and everything. (Yes, really. Last Sunday: giant slushballs falling from the sky. I was too traumatized to tell you about it.)




There are more in my Flickr set.

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