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Is it Friday yet?

Well, is it?

Okay, good. Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, have a few more links.

500-year-old printed music now available online. For earlier examples, try the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music.

And then there were the 300 paintings found in a Polish outhouse. “Police said the mysterious collection included works of art from the Renaissance and German baroque periods, with the oldest painting dating back to 1532.” Oddly, they weren’t in very good shape. (The jokes almost write themselves, don’t they?)

I thought maybe this week I’d actually blog the Thursday Photo Scavenger Hunt, instead of just uploading the photos to Flickr or leaving them in my camera. Some of these are kind of uninspiring, because the camera batteries died in the middle. Ooops.



Gray transportation


(Boring, I know.)

Something else gray
The Weather


(Yes, I’m using this one for both. Blame Pennsylvania, not me.)



(There are people who think flowers are frivolous.)



(Because I have no idea what these little mushrooms growing in my fence rail are, but they’re quite cute.)

Maybe someday I’ll label and post previous weeks. Maybe.

2 Comments on “Is it Friday yet?”

  1. #1 Jeri
    on Oct 1st, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    I like your stones pic! Is that in your yard?

    Also – I stumbled across a WP plugin called Awesome Flickr Gallery which makes uploading my photos to my blog a breeze. I used to hand code the html links to Flickr – very cumbersome – because I didn’t want the versioning issue and later migration challenge of uploading them directly to WP. Don’t know if that would help you in blogging them or not…

    Happy weekend!

  2. #2 Phiala
    on Oct 7th, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Jeri, I saw you mention that on your blog. I find the “Share” button on my Flickr photos to be just fine, but will look at the plugin too. Efficiency is good. Thanks.

    Really though, it’s overall organization/motivation/etc that’s the problem, not so much specific tools. Although I’d really like an offline blogging program for linux that makes me happy…