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Jumble sale

It’s 55 out and I have a horrid case of spring fever, the kind where you want to start everything, finish nothing, or maybe just run away from home. I’m trying to put that energy to use, and am cleaning things up. That includes my web browser, so you get a link post today. Whee!

First off, this most excellent amigurumi piece.

Amigurumi Discworld view 3

Isn’t that great?

The Voynich manuscript is my favorite unsolved (insoluble?) puzzle. There’s been some actual new information! The parchment has been radiocarbon dated to the early 15th century. That fits neatly with my pet theory; it’s always nice when science confirms ones hypotheses. Still don’t know what it says though. It’s a bizarre assortment of (mostly) unidentifiable plants, unreadable writing, and naked women in bathtubs. What’s not to love?


I’m the webmaster for The Night Garden, a charity art project that raises money for Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. It provides a way for artists to contribute in all media, regardless of their experience level. TNG has just started a new collaborative art project, featuring musician and composer Jason Webley as the first guest artist. I urge you all to check it out, contribute, participate.

The third European Textile Forum will take place at Asparn an der Zaya in Austria, 12-18 September 2011. The focus this year will be on linen and other plant fibers. The Call for Papers is available now.

Artist Catherine McEver has found a novel medium for embroidery and other artistic endeavours.

I had to run out and buy the spring Interweave Knits just to get the pattern for the hexagon petal tee. Being three years behind on knitting projects doesn’t mean I can’t start new ones. Right?

At least I’m no longer horribly behind on posting neat things for you all to look at.

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