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Let’s ROCK!

Bon Jovi played last night to a full house, and a large house it was. The boys can rock. It looks like four of the original members are still there, and they all know know their stuff. It was of course a big-budget show, with lots of nifty toys and screens and lights and robotic arms.

Bon Jovi

I ended up with an inordinate number of photos of Jon Bon Jovi’s ass. I swear it was because of where we were sitting, a quarter behind the stage, but I suppose I can’t complain, either.

Bon Jovi

A career on the road has finely honed their crowd-pleasing skills. Jon even stripped onstage to don the Penn State jersey.

I took some video, but while the visual is fine (including the aforementioned shirt removal), the sound quality is abysmal. So here, have a professional video instead.

Right then. String.

This “Giant 3D loom” looks more like a braiding machine to me, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

It’s making ultra-high-end carbon fiber car parts. Is that not cool?

2 Comments on “Let’s ROCK!”

  1. #1 Denise
    on Feb 12th, 2011 at 11:22 am

    – The Bon Jovi youtube video was fun. It’s nice to see “old rockers” can still make angst music.

    Another thought: Jon’s mouth is as big as Mick Jagger’s or Steven Tylers…other old rockers. Hmm……

  2. #2 Phiala
    on Feb 12th, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    I posted some more photos and another angsty video. But I think now I need to find a video with the 80s hair, don’t you?