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So, you might ask… what have I been up to lately, in the way of string? Some fancy medieval thing, a new technique, an insane piece of tablet weaving?

Nope, I’ve been knitting socks. A year ago, I was hunting for a pair of purple socks to go with a shirt I like, and no success. Lavender, blue, all sorts of socks, but no purple. Phooey! Well, I said to myself, lots of people knit socks – how hard could they be?

I was at least smart enough to start with cheap yarn, some sort of wool-acrylic blend. I used this generic sock pattern, which is great for people who like to know how things work. All I have to say, is that heels are magic! This first pair of socks was actually foot-shaped, and even better, shaped like my feet. Along the way I learned that I don’t knit like everyone else, and spent some time learning how decreases really work so that I could make socks that look like everyone else’s even though I made them funny. But more on that later…

First socks

Next, purple socks! These didn’t photograph very well, but they are exceedingly purple.
Purple socks

They’re also slightly more complicated, with a knit-purl stitch pattern.

Purple sock closeup

I was very fortunate to find someone who would dogsit in exchange for interesting handknit socks. I let two pairs of socks escape unphotographed, but Tamie promises to get me pictures, or the socks.

I’ve now taken my first stab at “sock yarn” instead of the worsted-weight wool I’ve been using. Just as I got the urge, Webs had all sorts of Regia sock yarn on sale. Hee-hee!

So, socks the first… Like the purple socks, these are really much brighter than they appear, very spring-like.

Self-striping socks

I was forced to cast on a second pair by the arrival of a set of rosewood DPNs. I like them – they are slower to knit with, but very light, and when I ball the whole thing up and stuff it in a bag, the wood needles are much less likely to pull out. It took me a few minutes to get used to the floppiness compared to metal or the thicker bamboo needles I’ve used.

New green socks

Nick looked at them, and at what I paid for them (hey! They were on sale, thank you very much), and now thinks he might take up making knitting needles as a sideline, both wooden ones and eensy weensy metal ones.

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