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Hi, Wednesday! Wasn’t it just Sunday? Weren’t there supposed to be other days here somewhere? Hm.

We’ve joined a CSA this year – a subscription plan with weekly boxes of veggies from a local farm. Yum! Each box comes with a certain quota of things that Nick won’t eat. There aren’t many veggies that I won’t eat, so these become lunch. Pretty much anything will be tasty, if put in a baking pan, dotted in garlic and parsley (both also from the CSA) and with a drizzle of olive oil, then covered in foil and baked until tender. It takes minimal effort to do this.

Baked veggies

Half the pan is chard, half the pan is eggplant and tomatoes.

As an accompaniment, I tried the Cooks Illustrated brown rice recipe, posted online here. As you might expect considering the source, this also came out perfectly, and again with little effort, and little chance of making a gluey mess if overcooked a bit.

Brown rice

Not that rice is particularly photogenic, but I had the camera out. A bit of time on Saturday afternoon, and I had healthy and tasty lunches for the week.

The last project was much less successful. I was browsing around, looking for recipes for chocolate cake (I had a yen!), and this one looked interesting. I should know better than to make a recipe from Hershey’s: too sweet and not enough chocolate flavor. I baked it for the required length of time, after which the cake was springy, cracked on top, and a pick came out dry. And yet it collapsed into a gooey mass (unlike the rice). Edible, but disappointing.

Hershey cake

Hershey cake

Dear Ghirardelli Chocolate Cake Recipe, I will never desert you again! (A quick search didn’t turn it up, but I got it off the internet umpteen years ago – preweb! – and will hunt it for you.)

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  1. #1 Ruth
    on Aug 9th, 2009 at 5:18 am

    CSA’s are wonderful! This year, I purchased a CSA share in a sheep farm, and just last week received my glorious roving, beautifully prepared, and in four different colors. Right now, I’m just looking at it & enjoying it. It hasn’t yet told me what it wants to be spun up into.