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Hello World!

Work: nuts.

Deadlines: don’t ask.

Internet time: Devoted to the kinds of time-consuming upgrades and fixes that the outside world will never see. And twitter. Evil, evil twitter.

I snuck in a mention earlier, but if you missed it, I have a new website. My original plan for this blog was primarily string and medieval things, with random chitchat thrown in. No science, no politics, no work. Over time, some science and politics crept in, but I always felt vaguely guilty about straying from the medieval textiles theme. That feeling coalesced into a new website. The plan in its current incarnation: Here, textiles and medieval stuff. There, science, politics, authors, etc. Personal news and gossip will probably mostly stay here, as this blog is crossposted to LJ and many friends see it that way. There will be some spillover, I’m sure. If something really interesting happens there, I’ll try to mention it here, and vice versa.

And yes, this means that I have twice as many unfinished articles floating around the aether.

1 Comment on “Hello World!”

  1. #1 cyndy
    on Feb 1st, 2009 at 7:58 am

    Glad there will be spillover, the last link of yours that I followed (about the new law) had me reading articles for several days….I had no idea how far reaching that was. Thanks for the heads up.