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The Penn State farmer’s market had apples this week. They raise mostly heirloom and experimental varieties.

pink apples

Aren’t they pretty? The apple is crisp and tart, and very tasty. And no, I have no idea what it’s called, but will try to find out at next week’s market.

I have two Things that must be done by the end of the year (September 30 – the govt must be different), a third Thing that would be beneficial to have done, and two more that Should be done. This week was devoted to poking Thing 2 occasionally while working on Thing 1. Thing 2 has reached the stage where it can do itself (always to be hoped for), and the next phase may finish itself up over the weekend without my intervention. Thing 1 suffered a major setback about 4pm today. It is the crucial component of the whole Thing-mess, and must be finished. So it will. Thing 3 has been an evenings-and-weekend project, as it is quite suitable to doing at home with the laptop. Things 4 and 5? We won’t speak of them.

2 Comments on “Heirloom”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Sep 19th, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    I have some whining, too. I had an afternoon appointment, and rather than driving all the way back to work, I brought work stuff & my computer with me–I managed to get the wireless working, but I don’t know the domain name so I can’t log in to the company network so I can’t do what I wanted to. I’ve just about exhausted my guesses as to what the domain name might be. Arg. I’m just too tired to mess around much longer; the last few days have been really stressful.

  2. #2 cyndy
    on Sep 20th, 2008 at 7:55 am

    Beautiful Apples! I hope you find out the name… crisp and tart sounds like the best combination!

    I’m determined to try to make an Apple Pandowdy one of these days….