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Summer haul

Today I visited one of the five weekly farmer’s markets within two miles of my house.

Farmer's market

The tomatoes came from my garden, but they still count, right? Sweet corn, tomatoes, blackberries, a taste picture of a Pennsylvania summer day. And brussels sprouts too, having found the perfect recipe.

The other acquisition? A chocolate beet cake.

Chocolate beet cake

Very chocolaty, and not at all beet flavored, my panel of taste-testers agrees. But no, it does not contain bacon, sorry.

Edit: Here’s a recipe!

Without proposals to read this weekend, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself. Maybe actually mow the grass? I want to do some dyeing, and finish the web page update, and do some writing… many things, none of them part of the peer review process.

And eat sweet corn, of course!

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