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Today it’s 10F (that would be -12C for the rest of the world) outside, and the super-mittens are too warm!

Here’s another post that has languished unwritten in my queue.

Remember last fall I had a Ravelry pool going, with a sock yarn prize? Marion won, and I managed to successfully ship it to the Netherlands, and she likes it. (No, don’t look at the date on that post, and definitely don’t go look at the date I got in to Ravelry.)

This was an experiment in dyeing self-striping yarns. I dyed an extra-long skein so I could keep some for myself. Not a lot, but I got a pair of wristlets out of it. They just cover the annoying gap between my coat sleeves and the top of my gloves.

wrist warmers

And they are indeed stripey.

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