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I have spring fever. Or cabin fever. Or something. The kind of malady where you want to walk out of your house, and out of your life, and move to New Zealand, and become a sheep farmer. Or something. But that isn’t realistic, or responsible, or right, so you never do. But what if?

The warm windy weather prompted a long walk into work today. Not that two miles isn’t a long walk, but I took an even longer route down some of the residential streets I still hadn’t traveled, despite taking this walk nearly every work day for nearly three years.

On the way, I saw many things that people driving to work almost certainly missed. Most notably this winter rainbow, caught here revealing its unwinterly self against a dull gray completely winterly sky.

winter rainbow

The sky continued to brighten as I walked – sunny and brilliant blue in places. The rainbow strengthened accordingly, and even doubled.

winter rainbow

winter rainbow

See? Even the weather has spring fever!

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